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Burda Style 7300 – 1950’s Flared Skirt

Burda 7300

First of all the bad news. Burda 7300 is a discontinued pattern. It came out last year (I think?) and then disappeared in a flash. I don’t know why as it’s such a gorgeous pattern. The good news is that you can buy it in the UK from The Pattern Pages or on eBay if you live elsewhere. Happiness  restored 🙂

Burda Style 7300_front

For this project I used a wool blend suiting fabric and cut a size 14 (slightly too big, again!). The suggested fabrics on the envelope are: Gabardine, lightweight wools and lightweight denims.  I made view B with the view A waistband. The view B waistband looks very chic on the model but is probably to high for people who like to breathe, eat and sit down. Or maybe I just eat too much chocolate!

This skirt was quite simple to put together. It has a high but comfortable waistband with two pleats at the front and another two at the back. As the cut is flared it drapes well and flatters the figure. It definitely gives good swish!

Burda Style 7300_back

Burda Style 7300_side 2

I used an invisible zip which isn’t entirely invisible but I think this adds contrast. Well that’s what I tell myself anyway. Next time I might just use an exposed zip and make it a feature.

Burda Style 7300_back zip

I am impressed with my matching side seams as this is usually a problem area for me. I made sure to hand baste before stitching.

Burda Style 7300_side seams

I didn’t line the skirt because the fabric has a smooth underside and is not see-through. Also the skirt is very long and I would probably trip over all that fabric! The only part  I did line was the waistband. This was interfaced with the lining sewed on top. Hand sewed that is. I decided to fight my fear (laziness?) of hand sewing and do some slip stitching. It wasn’t too bad, quite relaxing even.

The part that I didn’t find relaxing was finishing off all the edges. I don’t have an overlocker/serger so I used the ‘overlock’ stitch on my sewing machine, which worked well, but was just too noisy, took a long time and used up a lot of thread. But it was worth the effort as the fabric is a wool blend and didn’t come cheap.

Burda Style 7300_lining front 2

I didn’t add the leather belt tie as I felt this would cause laundry issues but next time I might add some ribbon or bias binding trim. I’ll need to experiment beforehand.

Burda Style 7300_side

So all in all I  absolutely love this skirt and am glad that I found it after searching high and low. I will definitely be making this again and again, and I may even start a petition for Burda to reissue patttern B7300!

Burda Style 7300_front 3

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