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Burda Style 7303 – Very easy suit skirt

Burda 7303

I really love this suit and hope to make the whole thing one day. But for now I’ll start with the easy bit, the skirt. And easy is an understatement! The skirt has only 3 pieces: the front panel and two back panels. That’s it. You then use the same three pieces for the lining taking in 3cm at the hem. It’s a beginner sewer’s dream!

Burda 7303_3

As you can see I’ve used some leftover fabric from my last project. Waste not, want not I say! The good thing about this skirt is that it only requires 65cm of fabric, so it’s good way of using up ‘scraps’ to create a wearable outfit. It’s especially good for vibrant prints.

Side View

Side View

Burda 7303_Back 1

The skirt sits nicely on the waist (although I cut mine one size too big; bad habit) and has no waistband. It also has no facings, which I found quite odd. The instructions call for interfacing to be attached to the wrong side of the lining but there is no pattern peice for this.  So I just created my own 3cm facings and attached them to the lining as per instructions.


Burda 7303_lining 2

I used cotton lawn to line my skirt.

Burda 7303_lining

I didn’t have an invisible zip so I used a regular one and centred it. My stitching is a little bit wonky but I’m not too bothered. The bold print disguises it somewhat.

Burda 7303_zip

So if you have some pretty scraps of fabric and fancy a quick easy sewing session then I highly recommend this skirt. I’ll let you know how i get on with the jacket. It may be a while 🙂

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