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Burda Style 7531 – Semi fitted skirt


Skirts are always good for a quick sewing fix and Burda 7531 hits the spot. It’s a very simple skirt that can be completed in one day, I stretched mine out to three.

Burda Style 7531

Burda 7531_Back view

The main skirt is made from linen and the lining from cotton lawn. It’s a summer skirt so I want it to feel soft against my skin.

Burda 7531_Back close up

Burda 7531_lining

The skirt was very easy to put together, there were just for pieces and I had no problems whatsoever. Because I knew this was an easy pattern I was able to actually enjoy my sewing without worrying about difficult techniques. The only alteration I made was to install an invisible zip, which I felt gave a more professional finish.

Burda 7531_invisible zipper

My invisible zip installations can be a bit hit and miss, but this was definitely a hit by my standards. It actually appears to be invisible and blends in nicely with the fabric. I was also impressed with my inside finish as this too has been a problem area for me.

Burda 7531_invisible zipper lining

As this skirt wasn’t too challenging I decided to try out a new sewing skill and in this case it was a blind hem. I have watched numerous You Tube videos and had purchased a blind hemming foot so now was the time. And I have to say it wasn’t as scary as I thought. The folding of fabric was a bit tricky but once I’d mastered that everything went smoothly. I was very happy

Burda 7531_Blind Hemming

Burda 7531_Front

So yes I definitely recommend Burda 7531, especially if you’re looking for a simple skirt that you can wear all year round.  I’m planning on making view B  in gabardine fabric, it’s ready and waiting for me in my stash.

Burda Style 7531_2

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